You may travel to Guanajuato, Mexico, by car, bus, or airplane.

Travel by Plane

For travel by airplane, we suggest you make arrangements through a travel agent. Tell the agent that you want to fly to the Leon International Airport for a direct flight. It may be cheaper to fly to Leon from Mexican Airports rather than U.S. border airports. The Leon airport is 16 miles from Guanajuato. There are airport taxis from the airport to Guanajuato. The approximate price per taxi from the airport to Guanajuato is $33 (U.S.).

A cheaper flight may be to fly to Mexico City or Guadalajara and then take one of the deluxe buses to Guanajuato. Guadalajara and Mexico City are about equal distance from Guanajuato (3-4 hours by bus).

Travel by Car

We strongly recommend that you do NOT drive to Guanajuato since you must pass through the border area.  However, if you decide to drive, be sure to exercise extra caution near the border. The roads are generally in good condition and are paved, two-lane highways. We suggest that you only drive during the daytime.

There are several Mexican government procedures you must comply with in order to bring your car into Mexico. Please consult with your closest Mexican Consulate in order to comply with all necessary documentation.

You should obtain Mexican insurance covering your vehicle while in Mexico. Car insurance valid in Mexico can be purchased through the American Automobile Association (AAA).


The problem with driving a car to Guanajuato is what to do with it when you get to Guanajuato. There are few streets to drive on and parking is at a premium. There is very little paid, secured parking. Students who have taken their cars seem to prefer off-street parking. This type of parking is difficult to find and expensive.

Travel by Bus

If you always take first class direct buses between major cities, bus transportation is cheap, fast, and efficient.

In traveling to Guanajuato you should plan to take, if you can, a first class, direct, deluxe bus. From the border towns check to see if there is a bus with the name ETN, Primera Plus, or Omnibus. These are the trade names of three new bus lines that provide an excellent class of service. The buses have air conditioning, bathrooms, reclining airline type seats, television, and free cokes and snacks. In addition they are new and fast.

The Guanajuato Bus Station is new and on the edge of the city. It may look to you as if it is located in the middle of nowhere, because it is separated from the city by a row of hills. Plan to take a taxi into town. It is easier than the local bus, at least for your first arrival, and it should cost approximately $3 to $4 dollars U.S

Traveling in Mexico

We think it is better if you do not travel alone in Mexico. While traveling it is very important that you keep an eye on your personal belongings.

  • Keep your purse firmly clamped under your arm and your wallet in a side or jacket pocket, not in your back pocket. Do not tempt pickpockets. Luggage is often stolen by fake porters or "friends" who offer to watch your bags.
  • Bring luggage that you can lock. Even in Guanajuato it is best to lock your property inside your luggage when you leave your room. We strongly suggest travel insurance to avoid large losses.
  • There have been very few proven problems of theft, mugging or assault of students participating in the program, but several students have lost their valuables through carelessness. We urge you to be alert and to use common sense.
  • Please read the information on crime provided in the Mexican Consular Information Sheet and the Public Announcement by the State Department which has been provided to you.