Student Experiences

Students by Fountain"The time I spent in Guanajuato was amazing. Not only was I able to study international law, but I was able to travel around Mexico. Every weekend was a new city, full of culture and the warmest, most generous people I have ever met. That summer was truly one of the best of my life."
- Daniela Gonzales, UNM

"Guanajuato is a lovely colonial city and a nice place to spend the summer. Attending the Guanajuato Summer Law Institute is a great way to work on your Spanish speaking skills while earning law school credit. I got a lot out of my Guanajuato experience."
- Adam Klein, UNM

"The city is beautiful and provides the perfect setting for studying law. The classes are interesting and the teachers are there because they want to be there. The program is worthwhile and offers time to explore this extraordinary city."
- Rachel Jenks, UNM

"The people in Guanajuato immediately made me feel at home. The opportunity to learn Mexican Law from both Mexican law professors and practicing Mexican lawyers was a truly unique and unforgettable experience."
- Chandria Slaughter, UNM

"Participating in UNM's Guanajuato Summer Law Institute is an experience I will treasure for the rest of my life. The city and the program are great. I made new friends, traveled to new places, learned new subjects and had a great time overall."
- Stephen Vigil, UNM

Kristopher Houghten"Hands down, Guanajuato was my best academic experience. The classes provided an invaluable glimpse into international law. The externship allowed me to live the civil law tradition personally. Out of class I was able to hone my Spanish skills, experience the beauty of Mexican history and culture, and meet life-long friends. I had the rare opportunity of training and racing with elite Mexican long-distance runners based in Guanajuato. We still keep in contact and I visit my Guanajuato friends whenever time allows."
- Kristopher Houghten, UNM

"Studying for a month in Guanajuato was a fantastic experience. Guanajuato is a beautiful, small city with great food and a fun nightlife. There are lots of coffee shops and eateries, centered around "jardins," that are fun to study in between classes. Also, the program did a good job finding our whole group housing on the first day we arrived in Mexico. The classes offered were challenging and on several different topics by teachers from each of the program's sponsoring law school. Also, because the program is open to other schools, it allowed us to take classes with students from several different law schools which was a fun, different experience to have. Overall, I loved that I went to Mexico, and lawyers and potential employers consistently ask me about that experience."
- Nicholas Davis, UNM