Health & Housing

Students are encouraged to review the following information as it will enhance their experience as well as ensure their safety.

Immunizations and Health Considerations

No inoculations are required to enter Mexico; a tetanus booster is advised and Hepatitis A and B are recommended. Students may wish to consult with a doctor concerning other recommended health measures, and take a sufficient quantity of prescription medications with for the four-to- six-week period.


For persons with disabilities and asthma, Mexico, the city of Guanajuato, and the University of Guanajuato will present significant challenges.


House in GuanajuatoThe Institute does not provide housing. However, the Institute will help students make arrangements. Housing is readily available in Guanajuato in small hotels or in the homes of Mexican families. In 2013, many students were able to secure housing and two meals each day for about $20-$30 per day within walking distance of the university. Students should plan to arrive in Guanajuato three days early. Past experience has demonstrated that students can normally find housing that meets their individual needs within one or two days after arrival.