The University of Guanajuato

University of GuanajuatoThe University of Guanajuato was founded in 1732 by the Society of Jesuits, and financed by Josefa Teresa de Busto y Moya. By authorization of King Felipe V of Spain, it was officially recognized on August 20th, 1744 with the name of "La Santisima Trinidad". In 1828 the institution was transferred to the Government of Guanajuato, and later in 1870 it became a state college. In 1945, it became the University of Guanajuato. Since then, the University of Guanajuato has demonstrated constant academic and demographic development. Beyond the classroom, the University connects its students to the broader world of art, music, literature, and film. In the annual university-sponsored festival, El Cervantino, people from the world come over to view international works of art, attend concerts of famous musicians, and see insightful documentaries. Plays, concerts, movies, parades, and dance festivals also occur year-round.