Grades & Grading Practices

Grading Options

Because law professors must grade all students in a course using the same grading system, students do not have the option to take a particular course on a "Credit/No Credit" basis. At the conclusion of the program, the professor for each course will assign a letter grade for each student. Letter grades of A through F with pluses and minuses will be used. If you have any questions, you should check with your Law School prior to joining the program. If your Law School has any questions on how we will grade your examinations or papers, please have them call the Director prior to the beginning of the program.

In addition, a student may register for a course as an auditor, without credit with prior approval of the Director and the faculty person teaching the course. The deadline for electing to audit a course is 12-noon June 3, 2014.

The grades awarded in all courses are indicative of the quality of work done. Their significance in most courses at the Institute is as follows:


Audit is recorded for completion of enrollment in an audited course. No credit is earned for an audit grade option.

WP Withdrawal Passing

Courses given a grade of WP are excluded in the calculation of the grade point average.

WF Withdrawal Failing

A grade of WF will be calculated as a failing grade in the student's grade point average.

W Withdrawal

A W grade is used for approved administrative withdrawals.

Grading Practices

Law professors must grade all students in a course using the same grading system. The grading systems for the Institute is a letter grade using pluses and minuses.

Submission of Grades by Faculty

Faculty shall submit grades for all courses and papers to the Director as follows:

  • No later than July 29, 2014.

Transcripts for non-consortium students can be requested from the UNM transcript office after August 1, 2014. For more information on requesting your official transcript, please visit: (Contact the UNM Law School Registrar to check the status of your grades.) Transcripts for Southwestern and Texas Tech students will be sent to your registrar.

The grades will then be recorded and mailed by the University of New Mexico School of Law to the appropriate agency for recording at your Law School. If your Law School has not received your grades for courses taken in the Institute by August 31, 2014, please contact the Director at the University of New Mexico School of Law.

If you have a valid reason for having your grades reported to your Law School prior to these deadlines, please discuss this need with the Director during the first week of the Summer Program. Students who need to receive their grades early for graduation purposes must speak with Prof. William MacPherson during the first week of classes.

The Director may make exceptions to the above policy for sufficient reason. (For example, large classes, sickness, research projects, or community service.)

Please note: Acceptance of credit and its use for early graduation is at the discretion of each student's Law School. Because each course meets the ABA requirements, most ABA accredited Law Schools will accept the credits. Applicants for whom credit is important are advised to secure a written commitment from their law schools.

Student Objection to Grade

When a student has questions about the grade he or she received on a paper or in a course, the student should first talk with the professor. If the matter is not thereby resolved, the following procedure is to be followed:

  • The student may confer with the Director, who will attempt to resolve the problem by discussing it with the professor teaching the course.
  • After conferring with the Director, the student may formally question a grade by filing a grade appeal to the UNM School of Law Faculty. The Dean of the UNM School of Law will then decide whether to refer the matter to the students home institution or to have the appeal reconsidered by two or more appointed faculty from UNM. The UNM School of Law will handle most grade appeals.
  • Appeals may only be filed for an alleged mathematical error in grading.
  • Students must appeal a grade within 60 days after receiving the final grade.